Read about the experiences and thoughts ...
Read about the experiences and thoughts ...

I choose

29. October 2015.

"Be human..." dear Lord, what does that mean? Nobody has an answer to that question. For that question I have a feeling. I feel that monkey shouldn't have an open skull while humans are digging through it with devices in order to see his reaction. It is irrelevant what the reason for doing so might be. I feel that rat shouldn't be inside the cage bumping into four walls or just staying in the corner waiting humans to stab his eye, ear, down the skin, wherever.. with next injection in order to see his reaction. It is irrelevant what the reason for doing so might be. I feel that goose shouldn't be in human hands while twitching its feathers that is relevant for its life. It is irrelevant what the reason for doing so might be. I feel that 1 year old pig shouldn't be on conveyor, on the way to cut her throat. It is irrelevant what the reason for doing so might be. I feel that none has the right to take anybody's life into their own hands to do whatever they please. 

Who are we? Who gave us the right? If someone is peaceful, does that give us the right to oppress, kill, exploit? Cow is peaceful. Who are we to touch her udder by hand or metal device and to drain her, and drain and drain? Who are we to put pack saddle on peaceful horse and ride on his spine? And ride, and ride and ride. Just because we can and just because someone told us that horse should be ridden, that cow is "dairy cow"? Dog walks on a leash? Parrot is kept in birdcage? Who told us that? Who wrote that? Where is that manual where it says purpose of each animal? All animals serve to human? All of them? Who is human? What is human? One of the species on the planet called Earth. One of species. One of million species that has the same right to live on this planet. Equal is equal. I feel this way. I do not know, instead I feel. 

I didn't know what to do with this feeling because those feelings in  environment that doesn't ask questions, doesn't discuss, doesn't research, doesn't oppose, were considered silly ones. Who wishes to be silly? But then hidding feelings poisons the soul, heart and body. That's why I decided to change regardless of the  environment.

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” - Martin Luther King

The only fear that troubled me was to choose what food to pick and cook in order to get everything that my organism asks for.  Messing with nutrition means messing with one of physiological primary need. The presence of fear is undersandable, but I've experianced that fear disappears with informing oneself and with knowledge, if we want to be proactive. I chose to learn, develope and the change followed. This is the least I can do for myself and other species living on this planet that have the same right to live.

One question that nobody offered me the answer troubled me for a long period of time until I met philosophy and way of life which excludes any form of cruelty and animal exploitation to get food, clothes or any other purpose (i.e. veganism). Maybe I'd rather say that I was troubled by the impression. The impression that we as a human species are no different then those people as they were in the Middle Ages. The image of that filth, unpolite, uncivilized, arrogant, unintelligent, uneducated, soulless and muddy people who are smiling without any feeling, feasting and just don't care. That Middle Age mud was inside as outside, on the soul as on the body. I realized that difference from those  medieval representatives of the human race and us is that we have external dirt washed out with water and the inner one reamined. I wondered why. Why are we still filthy from inside, mean to each other and to the animals, inert and not genuine. It became clear once I realized how millions of people and animals die because I eat meat , that millions of people and animals die because I drink milk, that millions of people and animals  die beacuse I think that "real leather" is the best one or that "fur jackets and pillows" are the best.  BY directly or indirectly having something in common with taking lives or exploating innocent creatures by making other people to slaughter, twitch feathers and torn skin, I'm not doing anything good. In fact I'm doing quite opposite. Other creatures have the equal right to enjoy life on this planet. We cleaned up from the outside, washed with shampoo and soap, did the manicure, cleaned LCD screens with "pronto legno" product. At the same time we closed one eye and left aside lives and suffering of millions of animals that are exploated and murdered as also millions of people who are being left without food and water beacause they are used for hamburger production. This is out of any common sense and completely unnecessary.  How do I know it is out of common sense and unnecessary? I got informed. I substantiated my feelings with information and by now already also with experience.  In order for me to survive not even one animal doesn't have to die and all people can be fed and healthy. This is the fact and knowing this fact how can I go opposite and participate in murder and torture of people and animals reffering to dicrimination on the basis of the species (specism)? Not possible. 

I still don't have the answer to what it means to be fully human, but, I swear to god, I know the meaning of not being human. I choose.


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