The experts answer your questions
The experts answer your questions

Nutrition expert advice

Unsure if your vegan diet provides all of the necessary nutrients? Want to know whether you can get healthy by choosing a plant-based diet? You’re constantly hearing about proteins and iron and you want advice from the experts? You’re an athlete and need specialized advice?

All of your questions about fitness and veganism will be answered by a team of experts in nutrition and medicine. Read the most common questions and answers here.

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- Experts on vegan diet -

  • Martina Miklić Bublić, MD

    Martina Miklić Bublić, MD

    Healthy lifestyle, proper diet and health maintenance are my areas of interest, and I’m really happy when I have the opportunity to share my knowledge with people who are willing to change their lives and take a step toward health and positive feelings.

  • Dubravka Novotni, PhD, Docent

    Dubravka Novotni, PhD, Docent

    Docent at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology at the University of Zagreb, where she defended her doctoral thesis in nutrition. Expert in grains. Associate to the Croatian version of Proponent of sustainable living.


  • Ivana Šimić, master nutritionist

    Ivana Šimić, master nutritionist

    Earned a Master’s in nutrition from the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology. Supporter of a holistic approach to life and health – the philosophy that takes into consideration the totality, not just individual parts. Besides nutrition, she spends her free time doing aromatherapy and phytotherapy, and if the weather is nice, you can run into her on Lake Jarun.

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