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  • I choose

    29. October 2015.
    "Be human..." dear Lord, what does that mean? Nobody has an answer to that question. For that question I have a feeling. I feel that monkey shouldn't have an open skull while humans are digging through it with devices in order to see his reaction. It is irrelevant what the reason for doing so might be. I feel that rat shouldn't be inside the cage bumping into four walls or just staying in the corner waiting humans to stab his eye, ear, down the skin, wherever.. with next injection in order to see his reaction. It is irrelevant what the reason for doing so might be. I feel that goose shouldn't be in human hands while twitching its feathers that is relevant for its life. It is irrelevant what the reason for doing so might be. I feel that 1 year old pig shouldn't be on conveyor, on the way to...
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  • Call for the awakening of consciousness

    29. September 2015.
    I believe I am not the only one who doesn't like labelling, or even shrinks from it. However, the fact is that our society can hardly function according to principles which fall out of the scope of ordinary and familiar, that is the established set of rules. Everything that is different is considered to be alien, unknown; it creates a sense of threat, and consequently is hostile. There is one label which has been causing confusion and ridicule in our society for the past ten years, and which has become even more ingrained and accepted in today's communication. That label is the word vegan or veganism. Who are vegans actually? Every average individual who is a bit informed will tell you that vegans are animal lovers who don’t eat meat or any other animal product. Others will say that...
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  • The food of love

    24. August 2015.
    My grandmother used to eat her salad with fingers. And while all the others tried to make me eat it with a fork, the two of us would smack our lips with delight, happily sharing our mutual disobedience that drove the rest of the family insane. Food has always been in the centre od our family life. Getting around the table wasn't just about having lunch or dinner, it was about taking part in a feast enriched with conversations and laughter. That's why I always looked on food as something that said more about the history and character of an individual rather than about his or her biological needs. The smell of sataraš (a light stew made of paprika and tomatoes) always brings me back to my grandma's terrace on a summer day where she used to prepare it with love, singing, in order to please...
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  • Trading misery

    22. May 2015.
    I remember very clearly my thoughts two years ago, before I've decided not to participate anymore in the dirty business of the animal food industry. At that time I didn't know anything about the nutritional value of a plant based diet, about the harm animal proteins do to human health, nor about the adverse effect of the meat industry on the enviroment. I hadn't read any books about animal rights and nor about the cruelty of food industry. But, even at that time, deep inside me, I was feeling something was wrong with the world, and that feeling was intensifying tremendously everytime I would walk into the supermarket. Everytime I would go shopping for groceries for lunch, I was feeling increasing horror inside me, until I would start feeling something similar to suffocation inside my chest. Na...
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