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Read about the experiences and thoughts ...

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  • Activisms on the plate

    02. March 2016.
    This was the name of a public discussion I participated in, and the event that inspired this blog entry. Here I will write about my experience that I shared during the event, where I spoke and discussed the topic of animal and human rights activism and that of my experience of coming out as vegan. Every beginning is difficult; likewise, my journey from becoming a vegetarian to coming out as vegan was quite hard and filled with misconceptions. At first, people thought that refusing to eat meat was just a phase I was going through. It was clear to me why eating animal meat was wrong, therefore my transition to vegetarianism was not difficult. However, after a year on the vegetarian diet, I started reading up more on veganism and began watching movies on this topic, and after a while,...
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  • If you have a choice, do no harm

    02. February 2016.
    If you have a choice, do no harm. That would be the shortest and simplest possible explanation of why I am vegan. I see no reason for anyone to suffer for me if there is a way to avoid it. Today, many people search for excuses for their various decisions, whether they be big, important ones or small and unnoticeable. Those that make up our everyday lives such as the act of buying, an action that in most cases we do not think about, draws back the whole system of values. The act of buying is a political act. The act of buying is a social act. An ethical act. As long as we decide not to think and worry about it, someone else is paying the price.  Some with their lives, some with pain and some with a lifetime of suffering. To be honest, up until a year or two ago I hadn't been thinking...
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  • From yellow ball to activist

    21. December 2015.
    When I was volunteering in Gunja during the floods and helping rescued cats and dogs, at one moment, among a bunch of barking quadrupeds, a cage appeared with a parrot and two chickens. Unknown gentlemen brought them out of one of the flooded houses. On the field, people were grabbing hens and stuffing them into their backpacks as if they were potatoes. These two little guys didn't yet have that “value” to be stolen and used. But nevertheless, fearing where and how they could end up, I immediately suggested to adopt them. He agreed on letting me have the chickens, but under condition that the parrot stays with him because he wants to give it to his daughter as a gift. Although I was happy for the chickens, I couldn't stop thinking about the parrot who will be rocking on a swing like a glued...
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  • Amlica’s veganism

    26. November 2015.
    I constantly feel a powerful need to talk about veganism, which has enriched my existence. Although I sometimes do use words, for example when I’m replying to my vegan buddys’ e-mails (who don’t know how to explain the change they made to their parents, what to bring for lunch to work, where to buy cruelty-free cosmetic products), writing down recipes, volunteering on info booths of associations for animal rights/protection, or translating inspiring articles, most often I choose to set an example myself, to simply live and act in peace and love, strive towards peace and love, especially when they are lacking, especially when I personally lack them. I love, I rejoice, I don’t judge, I comfort and encourage people, I inspire, I forgive. Activism as an extra intercession probably came...
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