Read about the experiences and thoughts ...
Read about the experiences and thoughts ...

What other people said when I went vegan

30. March 2015.

My mother said: "You will get sick again." Someone brought up the subject of pig slaughter, despite the fact we all live in an urban area and none of us has ever witnessed such an occasion. Ana raised her eyebrow - that was her way of making a point. Boris grabbed my piece of pork. Lara made the sign of the cross.

My transition to a plant-based diet gave everyone such a hard time. My going vegan was tough for everyone, except for me. It was especially hard for my mother. :) Some things have a beginning, a middle, and an end; some other things have a very logical progression. This particular thing had neither of these. This is why it was so hard to give an explanation to the question:  “Where did all this come from?”, "Why do you need this right now?" and the classic remark "Here we go, she is trying to be smart again." Every answer would be only a justification because they did not want to listen; they just wanted to prove they were right.

I was taught it was right to use animals for my own benefits. Failure to do so will result in everyone being sick, without any teeth, naked and barefooted. Oh, and not to forget, being inadequately amused under the circus tent. In a culture which makes the human navel a centre of the world, someone else's life tends to be a lot smaller than a human need. Which was not a need in the first place; just ignorance. The ones who are don’t bother to think are telling me with scared eyes they could not live without cheese. Mozzarella becomes Alfa and Omega of all justifications. The ones who are eating groceries without any basic vitamins are trying to scare me with vitamin deficiency. At every table I sat, I was told about everything I lost because of that decision. As far as I'm concerned, a vegan world is not inferior because of the extra need of B12 vitamin. On the contrary, a non-vegan world is inferior and poor because it lacks compassion. And by changing my diet I gained much more than I thought I would 

I believe there are many others who question the daily meals on their plates. I do understand them. At some point all of us are living in the egg hatched by a carnistic chicken. But when some filthy baby chick tries to escape from the egg shell, the whole henhouse gets upset. Maybe it is natural that feathers fly, maybe it is normal that everybody gets involved in a debate about the well-being of a baby chick. As far as I'm concerned, I am happy that I fell out of the nest. I have found the nests of other compassionate living beings, I lay on the grass with a cow, I patted the sharp belly of a pig, I took a swim with a fish, I delivered a calf.

And I never thought about proteins.


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